Login To FTP Site



There are three ways to access our FTP site.

1) Use an FTP program, especially if on a Mac platform. We will provide you with the login information.
2) If you have previously been using a Windows browser, for drag and drop folders, the way you do this has
    been changed, depending on what version of Internet Explorer you are currently using. Version 7 and above
    will require some settings to be adjusted, along with an added proceedure for this to work correctly.
3) If using an earlier version, simply click on the link to the left and enter the user name and password that you
    were given.

Otherwise, go to the tools tab at the top of IE7, 8, 9 or above. Click on Internet Options at the bottom of the drop-down, then click the Advanced Tab. Go down to the line that says,"Enable ftp folder view (Outside of Internet Explorer)". Make sure the box is checked, then click OK to close the menu.

Next, minimize Internet Explorer, (Your Browser), and open Windows Explorer, just as if you were going to look at files on your local hard drive. Type the FTP address, provided to you by Captive Sound, into the Windows Explorer address bar, and press Enter. Then enter the User Name and Password. You will be taken to the FTP site and will be able to drag and drop files and folders, just as you can on a local hard drive.

Some clients like to open two occurrences of Windows Explorer, pathing one to our FTP site, and the other to their local hard drive. That way you can easily drag and drop files between your hard drive folders and the folders on our FTP site.

If you have trouble, just give us a call. 404-325-4860.

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