Commercial Audio
Leasing Criteria
      If you're considering lease financing, tell us about
      your needs and we will include a Leasing Packet
      with our bid submittal. If you wish to speak with our
      lender, please contact our office at your earliest
      convenience. Our goal is to provide customer
      satisfaction, which now includes financing options.

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 Business Equipment Leasing Criteria

  1.) Availability of Terms:
        Terms are available to all qualified business clients applying for
        system financing from $5,000.00

  2.) Total Amount Leased:
        The lease amount is determined by the total order - regardless of the
        number of individual pieces of equipment.

  3.) Credit Requirements:
        Standard credit requirements for lease financing will apply.
        a) You must have been in business for at lease two (2) years.
        b) You must have a satisfactory banking reference and three (3)
             satisfactory trade references.
        c) The owner(s) must have good personal credit.

  4.) Lease Rates:
        Lease rate pricing will ultimately be determined by credit viability of
        the applicant, however, the pricing included in our lender's
        Lease Packet will apply to a majority, in most cases.


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