Lease Financing
Step-By-Step Guide
      With all the advantages to leasing communication
      equipment, we invite you to review the process in
      detail, and hope that you find this method of lease
      financing a viable step in building your business. If
      you prefer to speak with our lender directly, please
      give us a call between the hours of 9am-5pm EST.
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Five Steps to Lease Financing

  1.) The Application:
        When you have decided to use lease financing to obtain equipment
        from Commercial Audio Systems, the first step is to apply. For
        requests under $75,000.00, a one page credit application is all that
        that is needed. A blank credit application is available from our office
        and will be included with all bid submissions when requested.

  2.) The Approval:
        When you have been approved for the lease financing, our lender
        will contact you and Commercial Audio Systems. Typically,
        approvals are secured within 24 hours after receipt of a completed
        credit application.

  3.) The Documents:
        Once approved, it becomes necessary for your decision as to
        the exact equipment that you will be financing, if you have not
        already done so. Commercial Audio Systems will then forward an
        approved invoice to the lender, so that they can prepare the lease
        documents for your signature. The documents will then be
        overnighted to you for your review, signature, and direct return to
        the lender. Along with the signed documents, you will be asked to
        include a check for any advance payments that you have agreed to
        and a minimal documentation fee. (usually less than $100.00)

  4.) The Purchase Order:
        When the lender has received the signed lease documents back from
        you, they will issue Commercial Audio Systems a Purchase Order,
        so that your system can be built and installed. If the lender is
        providing pre-funding of any advance equipment deposits, that will
        occur at this time.

  5.) Delivery And Acceptance:
        Once you have received the equipment and the system installation is
        complete, the lender will confirm this status with you verbally, and
        process final payment to Commercial Audio Systems. At this point,
        your monthly lease payment schedule will begin. This is the time
        when you will start enjoying the added benefit that your new system
        brings to your business.


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