Communication System
Installation Services
Quality Workmanship Since 1974
We provide installation and maintenance of all
communications and entertainment systems
and equipment. Listed below are the types of
systems where we have years of experience.
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Installation Services

           Devoted to the highest safety standards,
           our services are bonded and fully insured.

     We design, sell, and install:

     Sound Systems
               Background/Foreground Music
               Dance Floor Reinforcement
               Live Sound Reinforcement
               Public Address
               Noise Masking Systems

     Audio-Visual Systems
               Rear Screen Projection
               Overhead Projection
               Video Conferencing
               Computer Interfaces

     Intercom and Office Communication
               Telephone Paging
               Warehouse Paging

     CCTV and Security Video Systems
               Closed Circuit Monitoring
               Time-Lapsed Recording
               Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

     Structured Wiring
               Point-Of-Sale (P.O.S.)
               Network Cabling (CAT 5,6)

     Corporate Presentation Systems
               Room Controls
               Automated Sequencing
               Wireless Remote Controls

               On-Hold Messaging
               Remote Control Actuation


We provide installation services known for appearance, performance, and reliability.

"We build the communication solutions that work!"

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