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   Systems consulting is one of our most important
   services. With years of industry knowledge, design,
   and applications experience, we work closely with
   our clients to create affordable communications
   and entertainment system solutions.
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Systems Consulting Information

    Client Needs and Objectives:
        Systems consulting begins with an in-depth fact-finding discussion
        of our client's communication or entertainment system needs and
        objectives. Throughout these discussions, one of our goals is to
        completely understand our client's expectations, with respect to
        what they believe an installed communication or entertainment
        system will provide. We then work to conceptualize an affordable
        solution that will satisfy their needs, objectives, and expectations.

    Discovery / Review of Architectuals / Site Visit:
        This phase of Commercial Audio's Consultation, is for compiling
        all the details that will be involved. It includes discussions with
        project architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers,
        and contractors who are working on the project. From time-to time
        site visits are made when verification is needed of dimentions, or
        construction status.

    Field Tests / Simulations:
        Whether it's a boardroom audio-visual system, sound reinforcement
        for a house of worship, background music at a restaurant, or public
        address at a sports facility, it's standard proceedure to acoustically
        and visually measure every environment for calculation accuracy.
        This process is our assurance of success at providing the best
        advice and solution specifications. Typically, when consulting and
        designing sound systems, we make in-field measurments, if possible.
        If the project is under construction, or still on the drafting board,
        we use TEF and Modler computer aided simulations to determine
        the best type of equipment and calculate it's optimum location.

    Presentation / Recommendations / Documents:
        Based on the information available, and in conjunction with our
        measurments and calculations, we produce a report recommending
        a system design. Our report includes all specifications and is
        inclusive of manufacturer data sheets for products that meet
        the design criteria. When the decision is made to install our
        system, we produce all required construction drawings.
        They include any mechanical submissions, power specifications,
        low-voltage conduit requirements, outlet and pullbox locations,
        communication equipment locations, general construction notes,
        and a scope of work detailing the desired installation results.


     We view Systems Consulting as a time to learn, a time to teach, and a time to build
     client confidence with our knowledge and ability to deliver. Our goal is to always
     present state-of-the-art technology that will most effectively and affordably fulfill
     our client's need and objectives.

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