Commercial Audio Systems Inc. is a state-of-the-art communications specialist.  We offer professional quality commercial sound systems, background music, audio-visual systems, foreground music, live sound reinforcement, public address systems,  corporate presentation systems, conference room controls, point-of-purchase ad systems, consulting, design, installation, studio  recording services, and preventative maintenance, from our headquaters in Atlanta Georgia.

 Commercial Sound & Video Systems Integration                   

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 35 Years Experience In Engineering & Design.
Sales & Service
Engineering With Experience
Commercial Audio Systems has been designing and
building quality audio-visual, background/foreground
music, telecom, paging, public address, & general
communication system solutions for offices, hotels,
sports arenas, entertainment complexes, restaurants,
department stores and houses of worship since 1974.

Available Services

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We design, build, & service Audio, Video, Communication,
and Entertainment Systems throughout the
  U S A.

Over the past thirty-nine years, we have learned that day-in, day-out performance is the single most important factor for our customers. Unlike many of our competitors, Commercial Audio Systems doesn't believe in only carrying equipment with the highest profit margin. That's not reputable system engineering, which could end up costing the customer way more money than necessary.

We engineer our systems using the latest computer aided TEF modeling and CAD computer systems for design accuracy. The equipment and technology used to build our audio/visual & entertainment systems is always performance selected from a full range of the finest commercial components available today.

You can be sure our only consideration when selecting equipment is to create the highest quality audio/video reproduction and communication system solutions to fit your need and your budget.

It's our continuing goal to deliver unparalleled system performance, flexibility, ease of operation, reliability, training and support, all within your budget.

If you need sound communications advice, system design, installation,
upgrade, or service, contact our offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

              For a Sales Consultant, Please call 404.325.4892

"We build the Communication Solutions that Work & Last!"

Commercial Audio Systems, Inc.
1438 Tullie Road, N. E.  ~  Atlanta Georgia  30329

Phone: 404-325-4892 ~ Fax: 404-325-4175

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