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The Olympic Ring Fountain

  Located in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park,
  the Olympic Ring Fountain is certainly a noteworthy
  project that has been viewed by millions.
  Commercial Audio Systems designed and installed
  the Fountain's audio system which also provides
  the water display's choreographic control codes.
  This system has multi-point, off-site remote
  programming ability for special events,
  seasonal changes, and safety requirements.

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Centennial Olympic Rings Fountain during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

Fountain Design Specifications
  The design specifications called for Fountain operation in four major modes: Start-up,
  Static, Show, and Shut-down. The specifications for performance and technical sequence
  of operation were collectively created by EDAW, Inc., The William Hobbs Fountain Co.,
  The Georgia Fountain Company, The Magnum Co's., and Commercial Audio Systems.
  Commercial Audio contracted to design and install the sound system and linked control
  source that would meet or exceed the specifications and operating sequence parameters.

Audio & Choregraphic System Design
  After extensive study, the system that we would design had to be programable on-site,
  as well as from a remote location. It would be capable of generating SMPTE code for
  accurate choreographic show control and have the ability to automatically log time code
  use. Using tape playback for such an application would not be an option, as the
  programming had to be infinately flexible and vary on a minute-by-minute basis
  throughout operating hours, seven days a week. In addition, this system would be time-
  clock driven for initiating day-of-week specific start-up and shut-down sequences.
  Mandatory emergency features for the safety of Park visitors, as well as that of the
  massive pumping equipment beneath the fountain, would underscore the final design.

Installed Equipment
Commercial Audio Systems is astate of the art Communications Specialist. To provide a superior level of reliability we turned to the broadcast
industry and chose a computer based audio programming platform
manufactured by Broadcast Electronics. Their Flagship product, the
AudioVault-100, provided the flexibility to satisfy design requirements.
Among the many features provided by the AudioVault-100, is its ability
  to program SMPTE time code in parallel with each audio cut, while keeping track of code
  usage, and avoiding possible overlaps or repeats. The system also has multiple
  time-programmable contact closures, hardware function controls, as well as seamless
  remote telephone control access, with built-in diognostics. Their Trim & Tones screen
  allows you to view the waveform of each audio cut, which proved to be invaluable
  to the choreography programming process.

Commercial Audio Systems is astate of the art Communications Specialist. The audio mixer is the TOA model M-900, which provides
plaza level remote microphone volume control, as wellas
remote master volume control. These mixers are used for all
pre-production work, the feature show presentation audio
  routing, as well as live microphone mixing from the Fountain's Plaza. Toa's simple
  to configure input module bays and wide wariety of signal processing modules offered the
  exact design solution this project required.

Commercial Audio Systems is astate of the art Communications Specialist. The Fountain Plaza equalization is achieved by the use of two, 30
band graphic equalizers, RANE model GE-30. These equalizers are
known for their ear-pleasing tonal quality. In addition, we chose them
for their abundant headroom and proven stability over time. The active
filters of the GE-30 are of the constant bandwidth (constant-Q) variety.
The bandwidth of each individual filter is narrow enough to prevent
  unwarranted interaction between filters, yet wide enough to produce exactly the type of
  correction curve demanded by acoustic surroundings such as these.

Commercial Audio Systems is astate of the art Communications Specialist. The Plaza speakers consist of (24) BOSE enclosures,
model twenty-five, with custom fabricated weather shields.
They are accompanied by a BOSE 502 bass enclosure that
  provides powerful low frequency support. The model twenty-five enclosures surround
  the perimeter of the Fountain Plaza and are mounted on flagpoles at a height of twenty
  feet, to achieve the specified coverage. Each speaker is wired to produce the full 25
  watts, while driven in the 70-volt line configuration. The 502 bass enclosure is located
  at the center of the Fountain Plaza for equal dispersion in all directions.

Commercial Audio Systems is astate of the art Communications Specialist. The system amplifiers are manufactured by CROWN, and
are part of their CT Series. We chose the model CT-410
specifically for its reliability, safety features, low mounting
profile, minimal idle current, and a superior quality of
sound reproduction. There are two 410's driving the BOSE
  model 25 speakers and a third that is run in bridged mono to drive the BOSE 502 bass enclosure.

Performance to-date
  Although many changes have been made to the Olympic Ring Fountain, since it's initial
  opening at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, we are proud to report there have been
  no changes or repairs made to, or needed by, the system we installed. The system, as
  designed, continues to operate flawlessly, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  The only maintenance, however, is required by the standard operating proceedure which
  calls for routine tests to be performed via Internet, by running system diagnostics that
  ensure the system's reliability and longivity.

     If you have a special project in mind, that needs attention to design detail and a real
     flair for innovation, contact us to engineer a solution. Communication is our business,
     where we welcome the opportunity to be creative. (404) 325-4892

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Photographs By: Kevin Ames


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